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  • Reaffirm the state's commitment to the Warner Grant, established by William Penn in 1682, by working with local officials and members of the General Assembly.  The Warner Grant was amended in 1979 and strengthened and affirmed in 2023 by DE State Senate Bill 06 to promote conservation, provide for outdoor public recreation and advance nature education on the lands encompassed in Cape Henlopen State Park.

  • Monitor construction, proposed commercial development and future planning at CHSP to see that all projects are consistent with the requirements of the Warner Grant and federal obligations.

  • Support CHSP in its efforts to find solutions to financial shortfalls for both the operational budget and the capital budget.  Toward this end, POP will continue constructive dialogue with park officials. 


Where We Started

We thought that development stopped at the gate to Cape Henlopen State Park.  But in the fall 2022, we learned of DNREC’s plan to build a bar/restaurant on an undisturbed dune just below the Hawk Watch. The Preserve Our Park Coalition was formed to meet this challenge. 


In 2023, with the help of State Senator Russ Huxtable, Senate Bill 6 was introduced, passed and signed into law, ensuring that future generations of Delawareans can enjoy Cape Henlopen’s irreplaceable natural environment, even as Sussex County grows and changes.

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